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Precautions for hoisting operation of steel wire rope and rigging

发布时间: 2020/9/14 16:13:08

The brake wire manufacturer said that the wire rope sling is widely used in the lifting operation, and the following points should be paid attention to in the use process
1. When the wear and corrosion degree of the surface layer or the number of broken wires per torque exceeds the specified value, it shall be scrapped.
2. Wire rope sling is mainly used for lifting and pulling transportation of high strength rope. It is strictly forbidden to stand under or pass through the suspended objects during the use.
3. Galvanized steel wire rope can be used as raw material of wire rope sling in wet or open environment to improve its rust resistance.
4. In addition to the wear of the outer layer of the wire rope, the fracture of the wire rope sling is mainly due to the metal fatigue caused by repeated bending when bypassing the hook and the suspended object. Therefore, the ratio of hook or suspended load to wire rope diameter determines the key factor of the service life of wire rope sling.
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