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How to install bicycle handbrake line

发布时间: 2020/9/14 16:13:44

How to install the bicycle handbrake line? Let's solve this kind of small problem in our daily life
1. Adjust the fine adjustment screw to connect the gap on the micro screw with the gap on the brake handle.
2. Clearance refers to the distance between pulling the brake lever and the brake starts to work. If it is too large, the reaction is slow, and it is not good, and it is uncomfortable. Adjust it to feel comfortable when you pull it up. As the brake pads wear, the clearance will increase.
3. Adjust the adjusting button on the handle. Turn it out anticlockwise. After adjustment, remember to lock the fixing screw of outer ring to the end. However, it should not be turned to the degree of almost rapid release, so as to avoid the risk of falling off.
4. If the brake adjustment button has been adjusted to the limit, the brake cable should be tightened again. Return the adjusting knob to its original position before pulling.
5. Insert the hammer head of the brake line into the corresponding line hole on the brake handle and clamp tightly.
6. Brake handles are all equipped with mounting rings. Just tighten the fixing screws. The key is to adjust the position to fit your arms (at least keep shoulder width).
7. Then close the brake handle and the installation is successful.
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